You don't even know how powerful you are. All you use your powers for are these cheap parlor tricks when you can be a God.
~ Reverb

Reverb is a meta-human from Earth-2 and the doppelganger of Cisco Ramon. Opposed to his Earth-1 counterpart, Reverb is evil and works for Zoom.

He is portrayed by Carlos Valdes.


After Barry has travelled to Earth-2, he encounters and fights Killer Frost and Deathstorm, who have been told by Reverb that breachers have entered their world. Later, Barry, Detective West and her partner Floyd Lawton (Earth-2's counterpart of Deadshot) invade Killer Storm's and Deathstorm's lair. There, they encounter the both meta-humans as well as Reverb who reveals himself as the employer of Killer Frost and Deathstorm as well as Cisco's Earth-2 doppelganger. After a short conversation with Cisco, who despite his horrors that his doppelganger is evil is fascinated with Reverb, Reverb offers Cisco that the two of them use their powers to take down Zoom and rule Central City. Killer Frost is not amused and tells him to stop and turn them over to Zoom. This causes Reverb to coldly tell Frost that he would shatter her entire nerval system if she ever talked to him like that again. Cisco however turns him down and signals Barry to help them.

The arrival of the Flash results in a fight. While Killer Frost and Deathstorm attack Barry, Detective Lawton shoots his entire magazine at Reverb, missing with every shot. Surprised and amused, Reverb calls Lawton a "rotten shot" and then kills him by blasting him with his powers. Although shocked, Cisco asks Reverb whether he can do that as well and Reverb offers to teach him. However, Reverb then uses his power to blast Barry in the back, throwing him into a wall.

To stop him, Cisco grabs Reverb but Reverb merely smashes his elbow into Cisco's face, causing him to fall to the ground. Reverb and Deathstorm then continue attacking Barry, who is lying on the ground and is merely able to roll to dodge their blasts. While they attack, Killer Frost urges them to stop because Zoom will punish them for this. Indeed, Zoom arrives and quickly kills Deathstorm. He then confronts Reverb and rhetorically asks him what he was to do if he encountered a speedster. Abashed, Reverb states that they were to leave said speedster unharmed. Asking if Barry looks unharmed, Zoom then kills Reverb as well for failing to follow his orders. Zoom spares Killer Frost as she had no part in the attack on Barry and speeds off, taking Barry with him.

Later, Reverb's brother, Rupture (a doppelganger of Cisco's brother Dante), arrives on Earth-1 to get revenge after Zoom pins Reverb's death on him. He is later killed by Zoom for his failure. 


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