The outside world is a world where crooked deeds can be overlooked. But, it looks like you'll be dead long before you see that world, lad.
~ Revchi, taunting Asta

Revchi of Chain Magic was a mage and thief who served as the main antagonist in the first chapter of the first volume of the manga series Black Clover by Yuki Tabata.


Revchi was a former Magic Knight of high renown and protector of the people in the country ruled by the Wizard King. Due to his greed and untrustworthiness, Revchi was expelled from the Magic Knights, and he began to make up his trade as a professional thief.

Shorly after his expulsion from the Magic Knights, Revchi visited Backwater Town to observe the ceremony in which all of the 15 year old mages in the nation would gather, so that those chosen could be awarded magic giving books called Grimoires. Revchi spotted his target as a young boy named Yuno from a farming town, whose immense magical skills had awarded him the Four Leaf Clover Grimoire, which enhances its user's abilities by an exceptional degree, and was formerly wielded by the first Wizard King.

Revchi followed Yuno out of the ceremony and waited until he was alone, before violently attacking and capturing Yuno with chains he produced using his own magic, and tying Yuno up with them, before mocking Yuno as having had the potential to become a legend, if not for this encounter. He then took the grimoire for himself, but was unexpectedly met by Yuno's best friend Asta, who completely lacked any magical abilities, and was not awarded a grimoire.


Revchi's chain magic

Revchi attacked Asta with chains, before beating, kicking, and mocking the young boy mercilessly. Asta persistently fought back against Revchi, despite being constantly injured and hurt, and eventually Asta was unexpectedly awarded a Grimoire mid-way through their battle, called the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire, which works using so-called "Anti-magic", and can only be used by non-mages of particular valour.

Asta then pulled a giant sword from the grimoire and slashed Revchi across the torso with it, hurling him into the wall and apparently killing him.


Revchi, struck by Asta's sword