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Reuben is a pig-like character who has appeared in 4 episodes. In the Party Cruise, he tricked Mung Daal,Chowder and Shnitzel into boarding a ship which he stole. He was the cooking instructor in Certifrycation Class. He tricked the gang into being his servants by planting his rat friend in his sandwich in The Rat Sandwich. He also made a brief appearance in Grubble Gum buying screams. He apparently dislikes Mung Daal. The feeling is mutual. He is a major antagonist of the show.


Grubble Gum-His Cameo Apperance.

Certifrycation Class-He is the teacher of that class and constantly gives Mung Daal Thumbs Down.

The Rat Sandwich- After getting banned from the farmers' market by the Angry Rhino that owns the place, He used the Rat on his sandwich to close down Mung Daal's Place.

The Party Cruise- He stole the ship and he ruined Mung Daal's Vacation. When Mung Daal found out it wasn't Reuben's Ship, The Two Founders found the ship. Reuben makes a run for it on a paddleboat then he gets eaten by a giant fish. His Last words were, "Well. I don't like this one bit."

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