Retro Blade
Retro–Blade (just "Blade" in the movie or "Creep" to some) was featured only in Retro Puppet Master, during which he carves a symbol on Andre's arm.

Differences from the other

Seeing as he is an older puppet and amoung the first of Andre's Puppets, he (and the other Retros) bear some big differences between him and the Blade we see in the rest of the films:

  • 1. His skin is a wooden color (seeing as he was not painted) but the normal blade has white skin.
  • 2. Blade has a slightly more ghost-like face, but Retro–Blade has a more demonic face complete with fangs. (he also has black hair vs. normal Blades white hair.)
  • 3. He doesn't have Blade's "Bullet eyes".
  • 4. His coat is brown and the regular blades is black.
  • 5. He has both hands with three claws atop them, vs. the hook and knife we see Blade with.
  • 6. He wores what appears to be jeans against Common Blade's slack pants, though he still wears black shoes.


  • Retro Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master 8: The Legacy (Archival footage)