I don't negotiate with apes
~ Restac

Restac was a female Silurian Warrior and the main antagonist of the Doctor Who episode Cold Blood.

She is played by Neve McIntosh who also played Restac's sister Alaya and Madame Vastra an ally of the Doctor.

Underneath the Welsh town of Cwmtaff in the year 2020 Restac was determined to start a war to reclaim Earth from the Human Race (or Apes as she and her sister Alaya call them). She was ordered to put down her weapon by Malohkeh a Silurian scientist and the Silurian leader Eldane when she threatened to kill the Doctor, his companion Amy Pond and a geologist named Nasreen Chaudhry. Instead she went on a rampage she threatened the humans and killed Malohkeh. When Restac discovered that a Cwntaff villager named Ambrose Northover had murdered Alaya, she began to drive the humans out but Eldane released a poisonous gas to make Restac's warriors go back to their hibernation chambers. But Restac refuses to leave and is affected by the gas in her dying breath using her laser gun she shoots at the Doctor but his fellow companion and Amy's fiancé Rory Williams saves him by taking the blast instead.


Restac was a hateful, xenophobic, racist, proud, cold-blooded, ruthless, cruel, bloodthirsty and fanatical Silurian Warrior. She thinks of humans as nothing more than "apes" and sought to eradicate them all from the Earth and reclaim their planet which makes her somewhat of a genocidal maniac. Unlike her leader Eldane, Restac was more aggressive and violent instead of negotiating she would have preferred to simply destroy the surface rather than make peace.

She is a hypocrite as well, while she insists that everything she does is for the benefit of the Silurian tribe she actually murdered one of their tribes doctors as he was in her way. The only two things Restac cares about is her planet and her sister Alaya and went on a rampage when she was killed by humans.


Restac is roughly the same size as a adult human but is covered in green and brown scales with scar over her left eye. Her attire consists of the usual Silurian armour but has a red sleeveless coat over it and she also wears long knee high black boots.