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Reset Bomb
The Reset Bomb is a powerful weapon that the Forces of Nature use during the events in Kid Icarus: Uprising. If the Reset Bomb explodes, it releases a giant mushroom cloud filled with vegetation. It has the ability to revert earth to it's natural state, usually killing humans in the process.


Because of Hades speading a lie about the Wish Seed, the whole world went to war. While that was going on, Viridi dropped one of her Reset Bombs on a warring civalization. After witnessing this, Pit flew inside the Reset Bomb and see if there are any survivors. After finding a handful of survivors, he eventually encounters Cragalanche inside the Reset Bomb. After defeating Cragalanche, they found out that Viridi is planning to drop another Reset Bomb.

As Pit was flying towards the location where the next Reset Bomb was about to be dropped, he spots the bomb falling from the sky. Palutena told Pit to shoot the green gems to reveal the core. After destroying the gems, Pit processed to destroy the core. With the destruction of the Core, the Reset Bomb was destroy as well. However, Viridi had another Reset Bomb in the making. Pit desended towards the Reset Bomb Depot to destroy the newest Reset Bomb. After fighting handful of the Forces of Nature, Pit encounters the Rest Bomb Pod, which is the source of the Reset Bombs, and the Forces of Nature Guards, protecting the pod. After a long battle, Pit managed to destroy the Pod which briought the end of the Reset Bomb.

However, it's revealed that Viridi had one more Reset Bomb. She was originally going to use it on the humans, but when the Aurum showed up, and Pyrrhon merged with the Aurum Brain, Viridi decided to use her last Reset Bomb to destroy the Aurum. She used her last Reset Bomb in hopes to destroy the Aurum, but with the combine powers of the Aurum, and Pyrrhon, the effects of the Reset Bomb was burned to ashes.

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