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Reptor, (translated Leptor in some fan translations), is the Duke of Freege Castle, and he is the father of Blume, Tailto, and Ethnia. He schemed with Duke Langobalt in a conspiracy to obtain more power, and when King Mananan was going to the Grandbell front to explain to Prince Kurth that only Rivough attacked Darma, Reptor killed him so the war could go on to obtain more power for himself. In Chapter 3, he is seen coming to northern Agustria to arrest Siglud for assisting in supposably assisting to overthrow the crown and aiding in killing Prince Kurth... Siglud escapes to Silesia, and Reptor is seen again in Chapter 5, guarding Veltomer Castle alongside Alvis's Fire Knights, but Alvis ends up turning against him, and the combination of Reptor's forces getting hit with Meteor from behind and Siglud's army from the front leads to his death.

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