The Reptilian was a creation of Dr. Phorbus who appeared in the New Adventures of Jonny Quest episode Peril of the Reptilian. He was the episode's secondary antagonist.


The Reptilian was a dinosaur-human hybrid created by Dr. Phorbus by combining human and dinosaur bones in his experimental cloning process. He was a tall, muscular reptilian humanoid wearing black briefs and a beacon on his chest. The beacon allowed Phorbus to control him via remote control. To test his strength and his ability to respond to Phorbus' commands, the Reptilian was sent to destroy a naval radar installation. Later he guarded the captured Dr. Quest and defended Phorbus' island compound when it was attacked by the tyrannosaur hybrid. Following the destruction of the base and its equipment, the Reptilian was freed from Phorbus' control and lived peacefully on the island.