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Replikon is the name of two DC villains.

Marvin Roper aka Replikon is a Bang Baby and a villain in Static Shock.

He and his friend Adam Evans worked in a music store as clerks.  However Marvin's music was not on the same level which prevented the two from working together. After the Big Bang, he gained the ability to shap shift and Adam gained superpowers as well. Marvin gained the power to shapeshift and called himself Replikon. Using his powers, he tries to get a record deal with Lester Biggs and ruin Adam's record dea. Marvin kidnaps A.J McLean and poses as him to succeed in his scheme. Static noticed that Marvin was posing A.J. when he saw that A.J.'s tattoos were on the wrong side. Static arrived at the old music that Marvin and Adam worked in. Static defeated Replikon with the help of A.J. McLean. Marvin was latered arrested.

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