The Replicants were failed clones of Dr. Zin. Due to problems perfecting their genetics, the clones would emerge from their stasis tubes hideously deformed and reptilian in appearance. They also would, after a time, disintegrate and melt into puddles of slime due to being unstable at a molecular level. The only clone who did not suffer from this was Zin's bodyguard, Snipe. Zin used the deformed clones to act as his soldiers after his human guards died in the destruction of his Peruvian volcano lair.

Each clone wore green-lensed night-vision goggles and carried a handheld blaster pistol. They accompanied Zin from Peru to Tokyo, Japan and then to Venice, Italy. By the time Zin brought Race Bannon to his new lair hidden within a desalinization plant in Australia, only three of the replicants remained. Two of these were killed when Hadji and Dr. Quest electrocuted them; the third fell into a water tank and presumably perished along with its creator when the plant was destroyed.