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Dr. Suzuki was a scientist who worked at Wayne Powers and a villain in DC comics.

As a scientist, he observed a girl with a defficient defense system. He worked with a fellow scientist to create generator rings that were able to create a field that resists matter. Believing that his fellow worker was short-sighted, Dr. Suzuki became Repeller, a mercenary and robber to make money for himself.

A terrorist group hired the Repeller to steal three isotopes. Repeller stole one from a research facility but came across the Batman. The Repeller's suit repelled Batman's bolas and batarangs. Repeller escapes from the Batman by stifling a billboard. After stealing another Isotope from a university, he gave the stolen goods to his employers but Repeller also wanted to be paid more for his run-in with Batman.
Suzuki unmasked

Suzuki gloats over his power.

Suzuki fought with Batman again after stealing the third isotope. Learning the suit's sensibility to sound, Batman turned on turbines, knocking out Repelller. He was possibly arrested shortly after.

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