Renge Shima is a Shinigami who works as a Damashigami for Sabato Rokudō, Rinne's father, due to failing her school's entrance exam.

She is voiced by Shizuka Ishigami.


Renge is a beautiful Damashigami with long straight black hair in a hime-cut and has dark colored eyes. In Renge's hair, she has two flowers on both sides of her head, in which beneath are two oni horns. Whether or not Renge wears the school uniform is, at the moment, unconfirmed. However, she does wear a school girl uniform like other Damashigami girls.


Renge has always been wise, serious and prideful. After being forced to become a Damashigami, she deeply hates her current lifestyle, in which she uses sleazy tactics to do her job or cause problems for our other characters. Although due to her pride, she aims to be at the top at any environment, not minding the Damashigami business.

She holds bitter hatred for many characters: Ageha for the problems she caused her back in grade school, and Sabato for ruining her life, and that hate moved toward Rinne as well for being his son.

She has a crush on Kain and tries to hide her Damashigami ways from him however she can, going so far as to hit him.


  • Renge's appearance is similar to Sango from Inuyasha, but her horns are identical to that of Lum from Urusei Yatsura.
  • Although Renge and Rinne are not friends, they are both poor, hate Sabato and live in the same club building.
  • Both she and Kain were unable to attend Shinigami High School because of Sabato, and so became different types of Shinigami.