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Those two could've saved their lives if they'd minded their own business...
~ Renata Donati

Renata Donati is the secondary main antagonist of the 1971 Italian horror movie Twitch of the Death Nerve (also known as A Bay of Blood, Ecologia del delitto, Blood Bath and Reazione a catena). She is the stepsister of Simon.

She was portrayed by Claudine Auger. 


At night in her bayside mansion, wheelchair-bound Countess Federica is attacked and strangled to death by her husband, Filippo Donati. Moments later, Filippo himself is attacked and brutally stabbed to death by an assailant. His corpse is then dragged to the bay. Upon investigation, the police find what they believe to be a suicide note written by the Countess. Donati's murder goes undiscovered.

Real estate agent Frank Ventura and his lover, Laura (Anna Maria Rosati), are plotting to take possession of the bay. After the Countess had refused to sell her home and property to them, the couple had hatched a scheme with Filippo Donati to murder his wife. To finalize their plan, Ventura needs Donati's signature on a set of legal documents. They have no idea, however, that Donati himself has been killed. 

Their curiosity peaked by news of the murder, four local teenagers break into the now seemingly-deserted mansion. Shy Bobby (Robert Bonnani) stays behind in the house while his date, Brunhilda (Brigitte Skay), skinny-dips in the bay. She has barely begun her swim when Donati's rotting corpse rises from the water and collides with the nude girl. Terrified, Brunhilda rushes out of the water only to run into an unseen assailant who viciously hacks into her throat with a billhook, killing her. The killer then enters the mansion and subjects Bobby to an equally violent demise, slamming the billhook deep into the young man's face. In an upstairs bedroom, the two remaining teens, Duke (Guido Boccaccini) and his girlfriend, Denise (Paola Rubens), unaware of the gruesome fate of their companions, decide to make full use of the bedroom's facilities. Lost in the throes of sexual passion, the young lovers fail to notice as the shadowed figure approaches, holding aloft a long, sharp spear. With a single, powerful thrust, the killer skewers both Duke and Denise, bloodily killing both teens at the same time.

It transpires that the Countess' illegitimate son, Simon (Claudio Volonté), is the killer. After killing Filippo Donati, he is now conspiring with Frank Ventura, who offers Simon a large cash pay-off if he agrees to sign all of the relevant legal documents turning sole ownership of the Countess' estate and property over to Ventura. Their scheme is dealt a potentially ruinous blow, however, with the unexpected appearance of Countess Federica's estranged daughter, Renata (Claudine Auger), who is determined to ensure that her mother's estate comes into her possession. A search for the Countess' will proves unsuccessful, and Ventura, who believes that Renata may be the rightful beneficiary, urges Simon to finish his half-sister off.

Accompanied by her husband, Albert (Luigi Pistilli), Renata visits the house of Paolo Fassati (Leopoldo Trieste), an entomologist who lives on the grounds of Donati's estate. Fassati's wife, Anna (Laura Betti), tells them that Donati was responsible for the Countess' death, and says that Simon will probably end up with the property. Renata, who until that moment had no idea that she had a half-brother, swiftly dispenses with any notion of sibling affection and immediately begins making plans with her husband to murder Simon, who at the same time is orchestrating Renata's demise.

After discovering Filippo Donati's mangled and rotting corpse on Simon's boat, Renata and Albert head to Frank Ventura's house. Upon their arrival, Ventura launches a brutal attack on Renata, determined to kill her, but Renata gains the upper hand, stabbing Ventura with a butterfly knife. Paolo Fassati, who witnesses the assault, attempts to telephone the police, but is confronted by Albert, who strangles him to death. In order to ensure that there are no additional witnesses, Renata murders Paolo's unfortunate wife, Anna, decapitating her with an axe.

Ventura's partner, Laura arrives, planning to meet up with Frank. When Simon discovers that it was she and Ventura who had plotted with Donati to kill his mother, he slowly strangles Laura to death. No sooner has he exacted his revenge, than Simon himself is murdered by Albert. The wounded Frank suddenly reappears, but Albert succeeds in killing him after a brief struggle.

Secure in the knowledge that there are now no other living heirs, Albert and Renata return home to await the announcement of their murderously guaranteed inheritance. They are met at the front door by their own two children, who have found their parent's loaded shotgun and want to play. Before either mother or father can react, the children shoot their parents to death. Thinking that mum and dad are playing dead, the young boy and girl rush off outside to find another game.