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Remor, also known as The Terrible Black, is the Prince of darkness who lives in the fifth reality. He is a large, shadow-like creature who manipulates humans into killing, making them suffer for his enjoyment. He serves as one of two main antagonists of the game Fran Bow (The other being Dr. Oswald Harrison). He was a creation of an experiment by Dr. Oswald, acting as an avatar of the psychosis and fear of Fran Bow, the game's main protagonist. With that said, he could be real or a figment of Fran's insanity.


Remor is shown to have the blood-soaked skull of a goat like creature with long teeth protruding from his mouth. His eyes are black with white pupils, much like that of Golden Freddy or most of the other animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's. His black body is long and looks similar to that of a tattered cloak or cape.


Remor is a being made of darkness and despair, who lives off of taunting his victims and watching them as they suffer and go insane. He can even manipulate and possess them to do terrible things, like murdering others. This is demonstrated during the end of the game, where Fran Bow is seen murdering her parents. Remor is seen right to the side of her, taunting her. Fran tries to dismiss this and say that she did not kill her parents.

This could mean that Remor possessed here and killed her parents or, as a result of the drugs from the experiment, she could have been left unstable to the point where she killed her parents. Remor is also seen to be a liar throughout the game, which helps him twist the minds of people, and hide the truth, so he can torment them even more. In conclusion, He is a liar, a tormentor, and a manipulator with the appearance to fit it.