Hey, do you want to tell the big group of deadly aliens that they're mistaken and he's not who they think he is?
~ Tucker in For Those of You Just Joining Us

The Religious Aliens are a group of religious Elites that worship the Forerunner artifacts in the Amcient Alien Temples. It is unknown if or how the Aliens relate to the Blue Alien or the Green Alien that appeared during the Blood Gulch Chronicles.


Alliance with C.T.

When Caboos, Grif, and Sarge arrive at the desert, they meet the Aliens and their human companion C.T. The Aliens and their human companions were posing as an alien/human joint research team. After the Aliens and their human companions hold Caboose, Grif, and Sarge at gunpoint, Tucker attacked and rescued his old "friends".

They ran into the temple and sealed themselves inside to hide. Later on, C.T.'s humans and Smith's Aliens infiltrate the temple and surround Sarge, Grif, Caboose, and Tucker. Epsilon arives in his new Monitor body, so C.T. ordered Jones to deactivate him, which he did. Angered by this, Smith ordered the Aliens to open fire on all the humans. After C.T. kidnaps Epsilon, the Aliens chase him in a Prowler. C.T. rammed and destroyed the Prowler and knocked out Smith.

Worshipping Epsilon and Demise

At the beginning of Revelations, the Aliens begin following Epsilon as if he were a religious prophet. When Epsilon leaves to follow the Red showever, the Aliens attack Caboose. Epsilon leaves the desert a second time, but this time, the Aliens attack Tucker. After Tucker escapes, Washington, Meta, and Doc arrive. Using Doc as a translator, the Aliens were told to draw a map, which instead they illustrate a picture displaying the phrase "Humens Suk" and "Shisno". As a result the two ex-Freelancer agents attack and kill the Aliens.


  • The Religious Aliens have a similar aggressive disposition as the Aliens from the Red vs. Blue spin-off series, Grifball: Expansion.


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