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Reize Seatlan

Reize Seatlan

Reize Seatlan, is an optional boss that comes from the indie game Shovel Knight. While not truly evil, his hot-hotheadedness and naivete end up leading him into a battle with Shovel Knight.


If Shovel Knight comes across Reize during his adventure, Reize will mistake him for a villain who wants to bury people alive and that has been terrorizing the nearby village lately. A fight ensues that ends with Shovel Knight winning and Reize realizing his mistake. Shovel Knight forgives him and they part ways.

Reize would later on join with the rest of the other wandering knights (excluding Black Knight), going on adventures of his own and battling the remaining Liquid Samurai minions of the late Enchantress in the ending credits.

Powers and Abilities

Reize is quite agile in battle, making large bounds toward Shovel Knight in their duel. He tends to attack with a drop-kick when reaching the apex of a leap. His main weapons are two light blue boomerangs made out of crystal that ricochet about before they eventually return to him. When he is weakened, Reize reveals a white card and performs a ninjutsu with it, summoning five revolving fireballs around himself. These fireballs can both damage Shovel Knight and block his shovel-drop attack, but it only takes a single hit to disperse a fireball. Reize can eventually call them back if enough time passes.


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