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~ Reiko


Reiko has short black hair that hang in front of her eyes. She has Yellow, cat like eyed and pale skin. She has a pink dress of wich colour is faded. She is always seen to carry a black cat plushie (except during the games last chapter) wich is clearly worn out.


You encounter Reiko the first time in the games first chapter, The Possession.

In this chapter, she kills Shin Suzutani after he just escaped the doll ghosts. She does this by calling the phone in the room. As the player picks up the phone, they can hear "Gotcha" with a slight static and somewhat tired voice come from the phone. During this time, Reiko has appeared behind Shin. He flinches by the sight and backs up against the wall. Reiko then rushes towards him, reaching at him. As Shin begins to scream, multiple hands begin to appear around him, foreshadowing Reiko's ability to summon Ghost Hands to aid her.

Afterwards she's mostly seen during Rin Kagura's chapters.

First time that Rin sees Reiko is in the school's Art Classroom as when she tries to leave, the door closes and Reiko appears behind her. She grabs Rin by her arm and her eyes widen. A quick flashback is shown of what happened prior to the game. As Rin opens her eyes, she sees Reiko backing up, tightening her grip on the Cat Plush. As she fades she claims Rin a "Liar".

Shes seen briefly in the Two Story House, first appearing to be praying for someone, then as the player's in the main hall, she quickly wobbles to them, coming right to the screen, staring at you.

In the Lamentation chapter, as you roam the 3rd floor of Kuromiya Hospital to reach the Stairs, she appears again. Now shes simply mumbling still until she vanishes. However unlike until now, she quickly appears on the screen and attacks. Her battle is clearly more unique than the other ghost's, this shown due her having her own theme as she attacks apart of the usual theme the other ghost's have. Her attacks include the normal grabbing attack, as well as summoning multiple hands to attack you at once. After you shake off the hands, she will attack you herself. She also posses an instant death attack, which she executed by teleporting in front of you. She quotes "Liar...Everyone's a Liar." The entire screen will turn red with black shadows as Reiko then begins to slowly move towards you. If you get hit, its game over instantly. This is especially bad if you were next to a wall before she does this, since the attack is easily avoided by backing up as she approaches.

Later in the same chapter, as you just called Makoto Shirae, she appears again and explains the reason why she has dragged you into this realm. She then attacks you again.

She calls one of the characters, Chiyo, saying she's too special to be here

In Makoto's Story, if you throw Hina's Cellphone down to the basement unprotected, she'll appear right behind, leaving you no escape routes due the narrow space and proceeds to her instant kill attack (this cannot be avoided as the cellphone is manditory for the story to move on. If you protect the phone before dropping it, Reiko does not appear)

In the game's forced Bad Ending, Rin encounters Reiko in Kuromiya Hospital lobby. She tries to apologize to her but she seems to care very little. She then walks past her and you follow. As you reach 3rd floor and enter the room she used to be treated in, you see her on the window, appearing to attempt suicide just like when she was alive. Rin shouts "No!" As she runs to her trying to stop her. As she tries to wrap her arms around Reiko, she passes trough her, falling into the abyss. Reiko then looks down with a slight pity and jumps into the abyss herself.

In the Good Ending, having heard that you can only "communicate with a ghost trough a phone" from passed away Makoto who also gives you Reiko's number, Rin encounters her in the lobby like in the former ending. However, now she dials her number and calls her. She speaks the same words as in the previous ending. After hearing that Rin is ready to become a part of this world so Reiko would'nt need to be alone, Reiko lowers her phone and walks past Rin again. Now the surroundings are bright and you keep hearing Reiko say "I don't believe it" and "you actually came to see me" as you follow her. Again, you enter her old hospital room. You see her on the window as a similiar flash back of when a nurse entered the room as Reiko was about to commit suicide in the past occurs. Both Rin and the Nurse in tge flashback shout "No" as the view of them running to save Reiko is shown. Both the nurse and Rin are shown to wrap their arm's around Reiko succesfully. Then without a warning, a breeze pulls both Reiko and Rin down to the abyss. As they fall, Rin turns Reiko around and proceeds to hug her as they fall. As Rin wake's up in the real world, she sees Reiko's plush by her bed. She looks at it and hugs it.


She was hospitalized to begin with and had no friends whatsoever.

Her mom had to do a full-time job to pay for Reiko's hospital bills and had no time to visit her.

One day, while in a Chatroom, she meets a girl named Rin who promises to visit her at the hospital. Rin however got hit by a truck in front of the hospital and was hospitalized.

Reiko, thinking that Rin had lied to her, decided to commit suicide and leapt off the Hospitals 3rd floor. Sadly, she was in the same room as Rin.

Reiko's frustration and sadness created an Alternate Dimension called the Mnemonic Abyss that connected to the real world through an Internet site called The Black Page. Once someone ended up there, he or she was dragged to the Abyss and most likely died there.

At first Reiko thought that the people she killed would become her friends, but instead everyone was either afraid of her even as Ghosts or just left her alone.