Hi! Double's left half.
~ Reika to Shotarou

Reika Hanehara is a member of NEVER. In Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, she becomes the Heat Dopant.


She was formerly a serial criminal who was gunned down while attempting to escape from Alcatraz Prison to avoid the death penalty. She is turned into the newest of the Necro-Overs in the group. Coming to grips with her new existence, Reika hates the cold feeling of her undead body. Captured by Doctor Prospect's men, she helps Katsumi Daido in saving the Quarks before she is horrified to see the change in his personality after their deaths. However, regardless of the complete change, Reika believed there was some good left in Daido. Following Daido to Futo, she uses the T2 Heat Memory to transform into the Heat Dopant with control over fire. She fights against Kamen Rider Joker but is defeated by his Rider Kick Maximum Drive. She manages to reach Futo Tower before starting to disintegrate, begging Daido for aid. However, she's rebuffed and has only enough time to curse Daido for his coldheartedness before vanishing in Shotaro's arms.


Reika has good fighting skill.

Dopant Form

She used the T2 Heat Memory to transform. As the Heat Dopant, Reika gained the ability to use the element of fire. She also has her own bike to escape from Double.

Behind the scenes


Reika Hanehara is portrayed by Minase Yashiro. She previously portrayed Ami Hyuga, the lead in The Machine Girl. As the Heat Dopant, her suit actor is Sanae Hitomi.


  • In real life, Reika couldn't have escaped from Alcatraz, due to the prison being closed since 1963, which was 8 years before the airing of the first episode of Kamen Rider.