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How dare you use that tone to me, Reginald, mouse king, soldier, sailor, lover!! And soon to-be ruler of the entire Christmas Kingdom!
~ Reginald to the Nutcracker

Reginald the Rat King, is the main antagonist of The Nuttiest Nutcracker.


Reginald first appears at the beginning of the movie as he sings, The Big Cheese. Afterwards, he sends his army of other rodents to stop them. They overpower the heroes, but the Prince comes back to life and fights him off. After the fight, Marie wakes up and see's what has been happening. Reginald falls in love with her, but thinking she is the prince's ally, tries to stop her. She calls him mad and leaves disturbed by his attraction towards her. 

He follows and annoys her, when he begs her to give him the star, she shakes him of and he falls, but is caught by his soldiers. After she shrinks, it's implied that he went back to Christmas Land as well.  Meanwhile, Reginald, still in love with Marie, asks his second-in-command what happened with him and her. He says that she beat him and ran away. Thinking it was a sign of affection, he orders an army to catch her and they succeed in doing so. She is imprisoned, but Reginald lets her out early. She tells him if he cares about anyone else but himself and tries to talk sense into him, but he refuses and still thinks that if no one cares about him, he shouldn't care about anyone else. After reenacting the Nutcracker Suite, the Prince appears and saves Marie and gets the star back. A chase between him, the Prince, and Marie ensues. Reginald falls into the cheese stream and Marie and the Prince go back to save him. He grabs the Star, but drops it in the stream and is still saved by them. When he is brought on the ship, he asks why they saved him and Marie answers "Because giving to others is what Christmas is all about," The others, however, are still upset that the Star is gone, but Reginald reveals to have it. He eventually decides to give the star back only because he is grateful for them saving him. Afterwards, he does not appear in the ending, but it is shown that he is completely redeemed.


Reginald, as mentioned below in Trivia, shares some personality traits with Sunset Shimmer and Grundel Toad, bossy, lovelorn, egotistic, and power hungry. He also, only cared about himself and no one else thinking that since they didn't care about him, he shouldn't care about them.


Just look at that deluxe assortment of nuts! Soon I will capture them all and command them to work in my cheese mines! Ha ha ha!
~ Reginald's first line whilst spying on the nuts
And now I am the supreme ruler of the Christmas Kingdom, and all of Cheese Land!
~ Reginald before his song, The Big Cheese
I'm winning, winning, winning, winning, winning! Now Christmas will be kapuche, done, finito, finished, finee!
~ Reginald having started to win
Look! A shooting star!
~ Reginald distracting the Nutcracker

Time to say goodbye, nut boy...forever!
~ Reginald about to kill the nutcracker
My royal arm is bruised! Summon a doctor, summon a surgeon! Where's my mommy?
~ Reginald by his factory
The royal head was hit, I recall, a girl, not a girl, a goddess! The princess! Did I marry her? (Seccond-in-command: Well, uh...she tried to inflict great bodily harm upon his royal highness-) Ah yes, such a delightful way of displaying her affection! She has funk, she has spunk, and she has the Christmas Star! Where is she? (Where is she? uh..well there is word sir that she heads to the Christmas Kingdom in the company of the prince!) She's with nut-boy? How can that be? (army comes) Find her! Bring her to me! She will be my queen, or I will squish you all into tiny little cheese balls! Understand?
~ Reginald to his second-in-command about Marie and planning to capture her
Aw! There she is! My queen! And there's the star...the beautiful, powerful, soon to-be mine Christmas Star! Once I have that star I'll have complete control over Christmas! And this kingdom! And I'll have power, and fame, and more power! Not to mention a really nice piece of jewelry...
~ Reginald while spying on Marie


Nuttiest Nutcraker PART608:58

Nuttiest Nutcraker PART6

Nuttiest Nutcraker PART409:21

Nuttiest Nutcraker PART4

Nuttiest Nutcracker PART309:41

Nuttiest Nutcracker PART3


Reginald is similar to Sunset Shimmer for these reasons:

  • Both villains desire power and are after an artifact that can grant them this (Twilight's Crown and The Christmas Star)
  • Both villains want to take over a land (Sunset with Equestria and Reginald with Christmas Land)
  • Both villains have armies or soldier that are incompetent (Snips & Snails and Reginald's army)
  • Both are very egotistic and self-centered until an event occurs (Sunset's defeat made her feel remorse and Reginald soon became worried about Christmas being gone in the climax)

Reginald is similar to Grundel Toad for these reasons:

  • Both villains are in love with the female protagonist
  • Both villains sword fight with the male lead who is a Prince (Cornelius and The Nutcracker Prince)
  • Both villain attempt to kidnap the female lead, but Reginald actually suceed's
  • Both villains loved the female protagonists over they're looks, but Reginald never said she was an object nor never admitted he loved her for looks

Reginals is similar to Ratigan for these reasons:

  • Both villains hate being called rats even though they are rats
  • Both villains lead loyal bands of actual mice (though Ratigan had Bill the Lizard)
  • Both wish to take over they're own homelands


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