Reginald Shaw is a mobster and the main antagonist in the 2010 movie "The Tourist". He is on the hunt for Alexander Pearce who stole 2.3 billion dollars from him.

He is portrayed by Steven Berkoff

In the movie

He led Alexander Pearce in his organisation, eventually thinking of him as a son. This feeling changed to deep hate when Pearce stole 2.3 billion dollars from Shaw and fled. As Pearce underwent plastic surgery Shaw's only lead is Pearce's girlfriend Elise.

When Elise meets Frank Tupelo in the train to Venice they are spotted and Shaw is told. Believing Tupelo to be Pearce he travels to Venice to get back his money, however Elise and Frank escape his men more then once.

At the climax of the movie he and his men arrive at Pearce's suite, with Elise as a hostage. Frank, who is in custody of Interpol nearby watches through monitors how Shaw threatens Elise to open Pearce's safe. Knowing that Elise does not know the combination, Frank busts in, impersonating Pearce, much to the distress of Interpol Inspector Acheson. Shaw asks Frank if he really is Pearce which Frank confirms. Shaw then orders him to open the safe, otherwise he will kill Elise. Acheson, who now watches the monitors sees how the situation turns bad but does not grant the posted snipers the permission to shoot Shaw and his men, firmingly believing that Pearce will show up to save Elise. However, Acheson's supervisor arrives in time and grabs the microphone, giranting the sniper the permission to shoot. Before Frank reaches the safe, Shaw and all of his men are killed.

After the situation is clear and the Interpol agents have left, Frank reveals himself to be the real Alexander Pearce by opening the safe.