I see them at night...when I'm alone. The faces...the faces of those we killed.
~ Reginald Payne to Alfred Pennyworth.

Reginald Payne is an old friend of Alfred's, they served in the SAS together, before Alfred became the Wayne family butler. However upon leaving the military due to trauma related reasons, his life fell apart and he got addicted to alcohol and drugs. This led him descending into crime to support his addictions.

He was portrayed by David O'Hara.


Following Bruce Wayne beginning to investigate the corruption in Wayne Enterprises, the board panicked and hired Reginald to investigate what Bruce had. Arriving at Wayne Manor under the pretence of being there to see Alfred, Bruce agreed to let him stay despite Alfred being unwilling.

However after several nights, Alfred caught Reginald seemingly stealing from them. Confronting him he told his friend he would have just given him money if he asked, but Reggie told him it was more than this, and he was in deep over his head. Then he stabbed Alfred, as he had been instructed to do this to, leaving Bruce vulnerable.

Going to the board he gave them what had taken, and received his payment before leaving.

Bruce managed to get help in time, but was consumed with pain at the idea of loosing the one member of his family he had left. He decided to find Reginald, and find out what was going on. Realising from the fact several of his files were missing, he realized the robbery was just a diversion.

With the help of Selina Kyle they managed to track down Reggie, and threating to toss his drugs out of the window, made him tell them it was the Wayne Board who hired him. However he then threatened to tell the Board what they were doing, as he reached out of the window to get his drugs back however, Selina pushed him out causing Reggie to fall to his death.

Episode appearances

Season 1

  • "Red Hood"
  • "Beasts of Prey"
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