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Reginald Charming
is the main antagonist of the Yello Dyno: Tricky People. He doesn't like the Yello Dyno and refers to him as a "Big Stupid Lizard."

He is first seen when he comes up to Lyric in the mall and takes her out to his car to get a kitten but luckily Lyric gets caught and scolded by her mom. Charming is a famous record producer, lures the entire band to his studio for their "big break." He gets the girls except Carmen to dress in inappropriate skimpy outfits for so-called promotional pictures, and eventually sends everyone home except Lyric, who stays behind for "special" pictures. Yello Dyno rescues Lyric, who observes, "He looked all right but something just didn't feel right." He accuses Lyric of lying even though she was telling the truth and Yello Dyno arrives just in time to rescue Lyric from Reginald's dastardly photo-shoot. In the end, he's arrested for child abuse.