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He is sometimes the actual main, but in reality, the secondary antagonist in Big Time Rush. He is the manager of the Palmwoods Hotel and has a dislike for the boys. His appearances usually involve getting the boys into trouble and trying to maintain order in the Palmwoods, although some has him simply acting like a jerk.  He has a special rivalry with Kendall Knight's sister Katie.  

Notable Apperances

Even though he constantly appears trhoughout the series, he has little to no major role in the episodes plot. 

In one episode, Big Time Party, he plans on getting the boys kicked out of the Palmwoods and is clearly desperate. He has them on two strikes, and when they throw a party, he tries to bust them. Due to the team work of Kendall Knight and Jo Taylor, he fails.

In another episode, Big Time Pranks, he attempts to stop a boy vs girl prank war, by staging his own pranks against them. When Jett Stenson is caught, he attempts to rat out the boys. When it comes down to Kendall vs Jo, Bitters tags her out, and Kendall chases him to the lobby. Kendall and his sister Katie publically have him cornered with water guns and he threaten to close the pool for a week if they fire. They decide it's worth it and squirt him anyway. 

In Big Time Christmas, he is protrayed sympatheticly when he shows he doesn't like the holidays. He says he's always miserable because no one likes him. As a kind gesture, the boys invite him for their Christmas dinner.

In Big Time Camping, he and Jett are seen competing with Katie and Mrs. Knight while waiting in line for an iSlab.

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