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It's a job. I make money.
~ Reginald "Belch" Huggins to Henry Bowers.

Reginald "Belch" Huggins is one of the bullies in Henry Bowers' gang in Stephen King's IT. He is portrayed by Drum Garrett in the 1990 adaptation and was portrayed by Jake Sim in the 2017 film adaptation.


Henry, Victor Criss, and Belch would often pick on the Losers, the seven main characters. While chasing after one of them, Mike Hanlon, they engaged in a rockfight with the Losers and lost. Henry swore to kill them all. As they made their way into the sewer to fight Pennywise, Henry and his friends followed them in to kill them.

The group separated, an act which led to their deaths, save Henry who was traumatized by his encounter with IT. IT assumed the form of Frankenstein's Monster and ripped off Victor's head. While Henry fled, Belch stayed behind and fought, getting his face ripped and body beaten to death by the monster.

Thirty years later, when Henry was incarcerated in a mental institute, IT took the form of Belch and told Henry to escape and kill the Losers. IT also assumed the form of Belch when helping Henry get to Derry in a 1958 Plymouth Fury similar to Christine, notably grinning the whole time.


Similar to the novel, Belch is six feet tall at 12 years old and the biggest and strongest of Henry's friends, and the most loyal to his sociopathic nature. He also wears a brownish green jacket, giving him a more greaser-type appearance than the novel along with the rest of the group. However, he has a more minor role than in the book (though he seems to have more lines than Vic and his death also occurs in a different fashion when IT (as Deadlights) bursts through a sewer pipe, grabs Belch and bends him half while dragging him into the sewer pipe. Eating noises are heard shortly after Belch's body disappears.


Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.59.59 PM

Belch Higgins in the 2017 film.

Belch is one of the main antagonists of the Losers, alongside Henry Bowers and co. However, while still stronger than the rest of his friends, Belch is more stockily-built than earlier depictions and is dwarfed in terms of height by Patrick Hockstetter, contrary to the novel and miniseries in which he six feet tall and, therefore, dwarfing the rest of the Bowers Gang. Belch openly belches in Eddie's face, being more disgusting than his novel counterpart. He says very little; being the classic looming silent henchman. He is ordered by Patrick Hockstetter to search the Barrens when Ben flees into them. Patrick wounds up in the sewers, and gets devoured by IT.

Belch drives the Gang around in a blue Trans-Am, and is shown driving the car into an ally and tormenting Mike Hanlon with the Gang, after Mike has a disturbing encounter with IT in a butcher's shop. Later, the Losers notice the Trans-Am next to Mike's bike, and go to help Mike, who is being beat up by the Gang, which leads to the rock fight.

Later, Belch is shown with Henry and Vic when Henry is shooting objects into pieces for fun, but becomes alarmed when he considers shooting a cat dead for fun. It's clear Belch is disturbed by Henry and struggles to hold the cat still. However, Butch Bowers, Henry's father, comes over, and scares Henry into submission by shooting the ground with his pistol.

Belch is shown later with Vic as Henry sits in front of the Trans-Am, clearly scared of his father. Vic asks if Henry is okay, and Henry doesn't answer; he just walks over to the mailbox, completely oblivious to all else, and there is a balloon hovering over the box. Inside Henry finds his lost pocketknife, and murders his father.

In a scene cut from the movie, Henry kills Belch along with Vic and takes Belch's Trans-Am, driving it to the Neibolt House. This is unlike the novel and the original film, where Belch and Vic followed Henry until their deaths at the hands of it.