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Reginald "Belch" Huggins

It's a job. I make money.
~ Belch to Henry Bowers

Reginald "Belch" Huggins is one of the bullies in Henry Bowers' gang in Stephen King's IT. He is portrayed by Drum Garrett in the 1990 adaptation.


Henry, Victor Criss, and Belch would often pick on the Losers, the seven main characters. While chasing after one of them, Mike Hanlon, they engaged in a rockfight with the Losers and lost. Henry swore to kill them all. As they made their way into the sewer to fight Pennywise, Henry and his friends followed them in to kill them.

The group separated, an act which led to their deaths, save Henry who was traumatized by his encounter with IT. IT assumed the form of Frankenstein's Monster and ripped off Victor's head. While Henry fled, Belch stayed behind and fought, getting his face ripped and body beaten to death by the monster.

Thirty years later, when Henry was incarcerated in a mental institute, IT took the form of Belch and told Henry to escape and kill the Losers. IT also assumed the form of Belch when helping Henry get to Derry in a 1958 Plymouth Fury similar to Christine, notably grinning the whole time.

Stephen King "IT" (clip 3)01:12

Stephen King "IT" (clip 3)

The death of Belch


Belch's role is essentially the same in the film adaptation although he dies in a different fashion when IT bends him half and drags him into a sewer pipe. Eating noises are heard shortly after Belch's body disappears.