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Full Name
Regina Mills
Evil Queen, Queen Regina
"Once Upon a Time" tv series
Queen (formerly)
Mayor of Storybrooke (formerly)
Powers / Skills
Knowledge of Magic, Authority as Mayor (formerly), Manipulation
Caring for her son Henry
To get revenge on Snow White (Mary Margaret) (formerly)
To make villains (herself specifically) to have their happily ever after.
Type of Villain

Since when do I care about anyone's happiness, but mine?
~ The Evil Queen Regina

Regina Mills is one of the main characters of the ABC drama, Once Upon a Time, serving as the main antagonist of the first season of the show. From then on, she works to redeem herself for Henry's sake, and shifts between heroine and anti-heroine. Therefore, she is the teteragonist of the show. Before the breaking of the first Dark Curse, she was the Mayor of the town of Storybrooke, but her former identity in the fairy tale world is Snow White's evil stepmother. She is portrayed by actress Lana Parrilla.


As a young woman, Regina was constantly tormented by her mother, the powerful sorceress Cora, who wanted her daughter to marry into a life of wealth and luxury. However, Regina was already in love with a handsome stable boy named Daniel. 
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Regina with her beloved, Daniel the Stable Boy

Cora got Regina noticed by widowed King Leopold, by having the pony of his daughter, Snow White, go wild, and the girl was saved by Regina. As a motion of gratitude, the king asked Regina to marry him and be Snow White's mother, an offer Cora accepted for her.
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King Leopold proposes to Regina

Regina begged Daniel to elope with her, but the lovers were caught by Snow White. Though the little girl was upset that Regina did not want to marry her father, Snow White wanted Regina to be with her true love, and promised that this event would stay a secret. Unfortunately, Cora manipulated Snow White into telling her about her daughter's love, and acted against it by ripping Daniel's heart thus killing him in front of Regina .
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Cora kills Daniel by ripping his heart

Heartbroken, Regina went along with her marriage to King Leopold, where Snow White revealed that she had told Cora about Daniel. From that moment on, Regina swore revenge on Snow White for destroying her happiness.

The Evil Queen appears at Snow White's wedding

Queen Regina's first act against Snow White was to manipulate a genie into killing the king. She then tried to have a misanthropic huntsman murder Snow White, but he spared her. After finally finding the object of her hate to be living with dwarves, the Queen found the poisoned apple and captured the true love of Snow White: Prince David. Regina told her step-daughter that in return for Snow White willingly eating the apple, David would remain unharmed.

The victory over Snow White was short-lived, as David found and awoke her with True Love's Kiss. On the lover's wedding day, the Queen swore that, not only Snow White and her loved ones, but everyone would feel her revenge. She performed a curse that was intended to transport all fairytale characters to a town called Storybrooke in the real world, where they are completely unaware of their true selves, and living lives that are missing what they loved most.


Regina adopts Henry

Though she finally had her victory, Regina became lonely, so she adopted a boy she named Henry. However, Henry turned out to be the son of Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince David, and the one person destined to break Regina's curse.

Eventually (in the 3rd season), Regina had fallen in love with Robin Hood, but at the beginning of Season 4, Regina discovers that he had been married to Maryann (due to her being saved by Emma after changing a course of history), she became angry at Emma and walked out. She decided at first that she should kill Marian. However, Regina actually saves her by defeating Marshmallow with fire. Regina then tells the magic mirror that she should find the "writer" of the fairy tales written in the book. She decides that she would find a way for villains to have their "happily ever after".


Regina is ruthless, cunning, and downright evil. She cares nothing for others, but genuinly loves her adopted son Henry, and will do anything to keep him. She even killed her father, the last human being she cared for, to activate the curse. When someone she dislikes interferes with her life, she will often have the sheriff arrest that person. She has control over everyone in the town, and almost every citizen is afraid of her, except for Henry, Mr. Gold and Emma.

Powers and Abilities

As the Evil Queen, she has an immense arsenal of magical powers including: teleportation, elemental manipulation, casting curses (notably the Dark Curse), casting various spells (i.e. barrier spell, immobilizing spell, preservation spell) and telekinesis. As Regina, once magic is introduced to her in Storybrooke she is shown wielding her powers of spell casting, elemental manipulation, telekinesis, and increased physical abilities (catching an arrow that was shot at her).

In the Season 2 Episode "The Doctor", it can be seen that magic was taught to her by Rumplestilskin. She hoped that he could teach her how to bring back her lover Daniel, who was killed by Cora, from the grave. This however ultimately fails and causes her to transform from sweet, innocent Regina into the Evil Queen.


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