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Damn, everyone run for the hills, it's Fat-zilla! Ha ha ha ha! Boy, he look like King Kong with titties.
~ Reggie Warrington in Professor Klump's nightmares.

Reggie Warrington is an obnoxious comedian and a minor villain in the 1996 comedy movie The Nutty Professor.

He was portrayed by real-life comedian/actor Dave Chappelle who is the creator and host of the Chappelle's Show.

He is a stage comedian who appears at The Scream nightclub, and he finds humour in the misfortune of others as part of his insult comic act.

During his act he made a joke about a woman in the audience with hair that looked liked "a head full of curly fries". He made a joke about another woman in the audience who's hair had "more extensions than AT&T". While Sherman was heading for the restroom he bent over to pick up a woman's coat he accidently knocked over, in doing so his huge butt attracted the attention of Reggie. As a result Sherman became one of the victims as Reggie makes various jokes about Sherman Klump's weight. Initially Sherman laughs it off but Reggie takes it too far and Sherman gets upset.

Later in the film, Sherman (in the form of Buddy Love) turns the tables on Reggie and starts retaliating to various jokes from Reggie. Feeling embarrased by Buddy, Reggie attempts to fight Buddy but Buddy counters everything Reggie unleashes on him. Buddy then chucks Reggie into a piano.



  • Dave Chappelle voiced Reggie in an audio track of Chris Rock's 1997 album Roll With The New.

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