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Reggie Rawls

Reggie Rawls

Reginald "Reggie" Rawls is an African American inmate and a minor character in Oz.

He was portrayed by Mtume Gant.


Rawls stay where Burr Redding has Omar White in the drug distribution between Rawls and Redding in a janitorial closet where White practices singing. The operation runs smoothly until Reggie is moved to Em City where the Homeboys are randomly attacking other inmates. Redding decides he will lead them once again and this time will stop them from telemarketers, but they want to keep selling drugs. They end up leaving the telemarketing business as Redding fires Poet for cursing at a customer over the phone. Rawls and Poet try to work together on some get rich quick schemes, but find trouble from the Italian inmates. Redding tells Chucky Pancamo and Frank Urbano to thwart any of the Homeboys' drug dealing attempts; they gladly accept the job, killing a connection named Skybar. Rawls and Poet then decide to work for Zahir Arif and the Muslim gang in a book binding business. In the meantime, a new inmate Stanley Bukowski comes in with Marijuana brownies and the Homeboys agree to help him sell them. The Italians find out and kill Bukowski. Redding destroys the book binding business forcing the Homeboys to work for him again. In the telemarketing however, Poet has a plan to steal credit card numbers and sell them.