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Reggie Miller is the true main antagonist of Rosie Falta's storyline in the second season of Devious Maids. He is portrayed by Reggie Austin.

He is first introduced as a nice, fair and quite calm immigration lawyer for Rosie as well as even being grateful and kind. However, as the series progressed, we see his true nature as he manipulates his uncle Kenneth into giving him power of attorney due to Lucinda (Kenneth's daughter) trying to kill Kenneth as he lied to her daughter.

This is first shown when he grew jealous of Rosie and Spence and even manipulated him into punching him just so Rosie can break up with him.

As a result, he set a plan in motion to tear apart the Miller household so that he can take Kenneth's money and even send him to a different hospital. When Didi and Lucinda move out, Rosie figures out Reggie's plot and tries to stop him but Reggie threatens to have her deported back to Mexico if she tries to stop him.

As a result, Rosie recruits Didi and Lucinda to help her foil Reggie's plot. After discovering Reggie's plot, Kenneth took Reggie's position as power of attorney from him and as a result, Reggie smashes Rosie's immigration papers and says that she can go to court for her deportation.

As a result, he almost put Rosie in danger. After this, it's possible that Kenneth and Reggie became estranged.


  • Reggie Miller shares his first and last name with former NBA player Reggie Miller.
  • It is implied that Reggie may have had feelings for Rosie due to his jealousy towards Spence.

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