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Reggie is the secondary antagonist of the movie Labou.

him and his Father Ronald Macdowell worked for a project. They conviced the mayor to let them build a petrol factory to the salomon place. He wanted to help his father for take his place later. But comparated to his father Reggie is also greedy but not much as his father. When his father go for the salomon place plan for their factory they don't see the kids take the plan. But they finally found the place for the petrol factory he hear Labou but he was thinking he was a alien.

So he chase Labou and the gang for capture him for be rich. when his father turn for catching them they fall into a lake with a hungry alligator scare for their life he see a Labou came to their rescue. His father told him to get his ass out of the car before be eaten by the alligator. When they finally get out of the car they go to the mayor office. He see his father lying about the treasure who was found by Clayton and the kids. That make him turn against his father and wanted Clayton to keep the place.

After his father was chasing away by the police. He finally discovered the animal he was believe be an alien is a Labou. So he get a idea for the salomon place. They make a Labou reserve and he help Clayton to make a visit tour for the people. And he make money by selling stuff for preserved the Labou reserve.