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Reginald "Reggie" Hammond was the obnoxious, oversexed, unpleasant, foul-mouthed criminal and a character in both 48 Hours and Another 48 Hours.

He was portrayed by Eddie Murphy.


48 Hours

In the first movie, Reggie Hammond is a desperate scumbag that wants to help Jack Cates in his investigation, and wants Cates to grant him out time.

His personality is extremely unpleasant. He often talks about getting pussy and sometimes tempts Cates to cheat on his wife, saying "How about we get you all dressed up, and me and you can go on a little pu$$y hunt."

He is extremely lazy and decides to sleep on the job halfway into the movie, when they find out where his car was parked.

Another 48 Hours

In this one, Hammond is also a villain. He does still do some shady business, like trying to stalk cute girls and has shady deals with a guy whose money is at the mercy of some prostitute, and Hammond coldly says "F@%k you" unless the guy agrees to his deal. This is in the bar scene. He tries to go legit starting a business with his uncle. Reggie and Cates go at it completely in the movie towards the end. At one point, Hammond, infuriated, punches Cates in the shoulder. And Hammond is infuriated that Cates has cheated him of his money.