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Regaeru is one of Space Empire Zangyack's Action Commanders.


He is an Action Commander who is able to twist his arms to form a cannon to fire the Reversal Beam from his Gyakutentacles to switch opponents' bodies.

He was used in a scheme to switch the minds of various world leaders with Zugormin so it would ensure the nations unconditionally surrender to the Zangyack Empire. However, his plan is unintentionally revealed to the Gokaigers when he uses his ability on Doc and Luka and Gai recognizes one of his other targets.

The Gokaigers manage to stop him, and Gokai Green and Gokai Yellow take him out with their Gokai Scramble variation. Though enlarged, Regaeru is easily outmatched by Gokaioh and Goujyujin before being destroyed by Hurricane Gokaioh.

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