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Reegull (Chima Animated)
Reegull is raven-alchemist & Eagle's & Raven's hybrid in the Legends of Chima. his father was eagle & mother raven but him not admitted in either tribe. he tried to for years on end change the own body their likeness but he do not know fly & then he decided to make the other for his kind. & then it was when Crooler used the end of the all Persuasive Plants with he manipulating the Cragger he come to ask the Razar he tricked the Crooler so that Reagle prepare always special concoction but he made the fake-chi which makes user birds earthly. it caused serious problems it made awesome Wolf-Tribe too chicken brains. fake-chi's effect disappears the day & when effect was out of stock Cragger & Laval confirmed lest such it is no longer & its Reagle earned when him was increased up first & then dropped.

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