Reed Wallbeck & Roger Withers were world famous magicians turned psychopaths in the video game; Dead Rising 2. During the Zombie Outbreak, the two magicians were trying to perform The Worlds Most Dangerous Trick (which is sawing a woman in half), but doing so resulted in them killing several women. Reed and Roger also appeared in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, but their roles are similar in Dead Rising 2.

Reed Wallbeck

Reed Wallbeck

Reed Wallbeck

Everyone's a critic aren't they? You think this is easy?
~ Reed Wallbeck responding to Chuck Greene's "Criticism"

Reed Wallbeck is the main magician. Reed is one who does most of the talking. When a magic act goes wrong he loves to talk down to Roger. His main weapon is a rocket launcher. Reed is shown to rely on long-range combatant and is fairly slow. At the end of the boss battle Roger ends up stabbing Reed multiple times, killing him.

Roger Withers

I always wanted to do that.
~ Roger Wither after stabbing Reed Wallbeck, as well as being his first and only line
Roger Withers

Roger Withers

Roger Withers is the short, and clumsier magician who is continuously talked down by Reed. His main weapons are two magician swords. Roger relies on short-ranged combat, and is also shown to be much faster than Reed. At the end of the boss battle, Roger, tired of all the ridicule, grabs a knife and stabs Reed to death. Just before Roger succumbs to his wounds, the last words (as well as the only words) he said were; "I always wanted to do that."
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