Captain Redwater Main Antagonist tag along with Jack and Shadow to try and follow Riggs. After finding the warehouses where the Triads were making weapons, they found two men that were pushed into joining the Triads and tried talking to them until Redwater and his SWAT team intervened and shot down the two men. Frank argues with Redwater, telling him that real cop work is about bringing in suspects and questioning them rather then shoot them down with cold blood. Later, they found Riggs, leader of the Union gang and the one who led the attack on Temple Tower, talking to a Blackhand gang member. But their cover is blown and Riggs and the Blackhand make a run for it. Jack and Shadow go after the Blackhand while Frank goes after Riggs. After arresting the Blackhand, Jack heads back to Frank only to find him mortally wounded. Jack pleads Frank to fight but it's no us

Start the battle with Redwater in Slow-Motion and pummel him until you get the knife. Attack until he gets the knife back and hide until you recover. Repeat.