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Redmond - 1972

Full Name
Redmond Mann
Team Fortress 2
Employer of RED
Powers / Skills
Good Management
No information
Defeat Blutarch and BLU Team
Type of Villain

Redmond Mann (1822-1972) is the brother of Blutarch Mann and Gray Mann and the one who hired the RED team in Team Fortress 2. Redmond uses and age slowing machine to attempt to outlive his twin.

In Blood Brothers (set in 1972) he and Blutarch decided to end their long war over Gravel and to try and create a clone of themselves to carry on their legacy. The third of the Mann triplets, and their lost brother, Gray Mann appeared and revealed he had organized the meeting, he then told them about who he was and assassinated them.

In Grave Matters (set a few seconds after the previous webcomic) has the ghosts of Redmond and Blutarch arguing who died first thus who won the war. They eventually have their opposing teams, RED and BLU, push each other's cart (who is stuffed with their corpses) to Hell, as whoever gets to Hell first is the first to be technically dead and so, whoever gets to Hell first loses. Since this is a never ending game mode, it is never determined who actually wins the war, as it simply depends of the players.


  • Like Blutarch's name having BLU in it, Redmond had RED in his name as a refrence to his team.
Redmond in manor

Redmond in his Manor in circa October 1968.

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