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A Redcap is an extremely evil, murderous type of goblin that is frequently described in English folklore - especially around the Borders, an area of land that traditionally separated England and Scotland: the area was often disputed and as a result many souls were lost in the bloody battle between the two nations, the Redcap was said to either take advantage of this conflict or be born from it, haunting the ruins of the Borders these fairy folk would murder any mortal foolish enough to get in their path.

Redcaps frequently killed, indeed their existence depended upon it as their skullcaps were coated with blood that if dried out would kill the demons - thus the Redcaps had to frequently hunt and kill so as to dip their skullcap in fresh blood.

Redcaps often wore iron-boots and attacked their victims with iron pikes - yet despite their awkward appearance Redcaps were said to be supernaturally fast to the point outrunning them was impossible for any mortal: due to Christian influence on folklore the Redcaps developed a few weaknesses over time such as being able to be scared away via reading from the bible, though like most things the power of such prayers were probably based on individual belief on its effectiveness.

Redcaps from English folklore are very different from those found in other cultures and are notable more villainious, as other Redcaps tend to be relatively harmless unlike their Border cousins, the reason behind this may well stem from the violent history of the land they are said to inhabit.

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