The new world! The new god! The red storm will rise!
~ Red Templar Battle Cry
The Red Templars are exactly what they sound like. They are Templars who have been fed red lyrium, and the results are precisely what happened to Meredith in Kirkwall: It improves their powers, grants new ones, and increases their strength beyond what a human body should bear. Over time, red lyrium will turn them into beasts. Crystals will grow inside their bodies; even, I am told, spouting through their heads. In the end, the Red Templars will be lost, mind and soul, to roaring madness.

Did the Chantry push our Templars too far, or was this break inevitable? Maker help us, I pray it was not us who drove our good knights into becoming monsters. ---Mother Celeres, of the Grand Cathedral, in a letter to a friend

~ From Codex Entry: Red Templars

The Red Templars is an army in the Dragon Age video game series.


They are templars mutated and brainwashed by Corypheus thanks to red lyrium. The original templars are subordinates of the Chantry and are tasked with keeping peace and exterminating any danger to the world, such as heretics, mages, cultists and abominations.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition if the Templars aren't recruited by the Inquisitor (the protagonist) the templars are all either murdered or corrupted and under command of Samson (Dragon Age).

If the Inquisitor recruits the templars then has a choice to preserve or disband the order. It doesn't prevent existence of the red templars but at least stops production and rest of the templars remain uncorrupted and ready to avenge their brothers and sisters in arms.

Ranks and Files

  • Red Templar Knight - large and horrible to look upon, they have portions of their flesh being fused to their armour, they hit hard and are able to strengthen nearby Red Templar soldiers.
  • Red Templar Shadow - Templars whose arms have been taken over by sharp red lyrium crystals. They stalk the battle field and attack unseen.
  • Red Templar Horror - barely human beasts with warped, mangled flesh bursting out of their armour and studded with red lyrium crystals, they attack from afar and can generate a barrier for themselves after a moment of channeling.
  • Red Templar Guards
  • Red Templar Marksman - Archers
  • Red Templar - Warriors for close combat and foot soldiers

Powers and Abilties

Due to cursed items named Red Lyriums, all Red Templars possess enhanced speed, strength, stamina and healing capability. At more advanced stages of corruption, they are able to 'sew' red lyrium deposits into the soil.

Red Templar Horrors are also able to create and expel red lyrium crystals at high velocity from their bodies and spew Red Lyrium in liquid form. The Horror can charge a magical barrier, their "tell" being when they wring their heads and writhe, their red lyrium-lumped backs pulsating.

Red Templar Knights are able to channel red lyrium into other Red Templars to accelerate the speed of their corruption, transforming them into Horrors almost instantly. Knights are also able to use this ability to further enhance the strength and endurance of other Red Templars. While both Horrors and Knights eschew traditional weaponry in favour of their bare hands and claws, Shadows have taken it further and their forearms have actually transformed into giant spikes of Red Lyrium, allowing them to slice into their enemies.