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"You don't get it! They beat me up, pushed me around, crushed my dreams! I STILL LIVE MY FREAKIN' PARENTS!!! But who needs to be president anyway, they have borders, so why not just start a new world order!!!"

~Red Star to Blue Star in a dream.

Red Star is a fictional character the main antagonist in the Blue Star books, graphic novels, and comic books. He is the archenemy and opposite of Blue Star, having been responsible for destroying his hometown multiple times. In the books, he is portrayed as a once innocent Toms Citizen who was constantly bullied until he went insane. In the comics, he is a little more let loose.

Just like Blue Star, Red Star was hit by a special star from Starnakula, but since Zach's own grandfather, Lucas, puts tachyon and messed with it, tearing it in two. When Red Star was hit, he went insane and decided to start a new world order. After studying both his powers and Blue Star through local media, he found it his strengths, which are also Blue Star's weaknesses. Through the news, Zach watched and obversed Blue Star's battle technique.

At one point of Blue Star, Red Star creates a time portal that crossed dinosaurs into present time, showing his advanced knowledge of mechanics. The dinosaurs wreck havoc and kill tons of civilians. As best as Chief Walmes and the other authorities try, more dinosaurs just come.


In the beginning of chapter 2, Dan (Blue Star) explains his dream of Red Star. He explains that he sees middle school student getting beat up while walking back home after a terrible day of school. He is failing everything and is constantly bullied. The only thing he was good at was building useless robots.

One day, while Zach was on a walk, wondering what could've been, young Daniel Vanagus was going to one of his best friends, Jeremy's, birthday party. Using his motorcycle as transportation, he almost crushed Zach. A few minutes after, two stars appeared out of nowhere: one red and one blue. Suddenly, the red one faces Zach and he gets hit. Sitting there in pain for about 5 minutes, everything stopped and he left stronger. He realized he has superpowers, but it made him insane.

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