Red Sentients are an interdimensional alien race from Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5. They are made of anti-matter energy and a high-density crystal.


They are expert fighters and create advanced vehicles. They were at war with their sister-race, the Blue Sentients. The war came to an end when both sides settled their difference and established a truce but one Red Sentient named Krytus planed to rally his race to attack the Blues again and take over the Multiverse. Then Krytus's twin sister, a Blue Sentient named Sage learned about his plan and decided to strike first. She used the Double-Helix Crystals to freeze the entire Red Sentient race. Krytus and his team were off-planet at the time, so they weren't frozen. Zemerik was able to seal Krytus and his team away for hundreds of years.

A while after Krytus's release, he planned to unfreeze his entire race. But thanks to Sage and the Battle Force 5, they were able to resurrect the entire Blue Sentient race. While Krytus returned to the Red Sentient planet to rally his people, he realized Sage and the Blue Sentients got there first. The Red Sentients were tired of fighting, and would not be persuaded by Krytus authority. For his crimes, he was banished, and the Red and Blue Sentients were at peace once again.

Known Red Sentients

  • Krytus-Leader turned traitor of the Red Sentients and brother of Sage. He drives is armed with a blades as hands and drives a vehicle with a large set of razors on it. He is voiced by Brian Drummond. He is Vert's counterpart.
  • Kryosys-He drives in a vehicle that shoots fires from it wheels. He is voiced by Mark Hildreth. He is Stanford's counterpart.
  • Krylox-Strongest known Sentient. He has a hulking appearance and is capable of creating a clone of himself. He drives in a large vehicle, which splits into two with an energy line between them. He is voiced by Colin Murdock. He is Sherman and Spinner's counterpart.
  • Kyburi-Only known female sentient. She drives in a vehicle with long legs that allows it to climb. She is capable of draining energy by touch. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr. She is Agura's counterpart.
  • Kytren-Right hand man of Krytus. He is the only member who drives a motorcycle and has a blue Sentient brother named Sol. He is voiced by Michael Dobson. He is Zoom's counterpart.