Red Rackham curses Sir Francis before his death.

I curse you! I curse your name! And all who come after! We will meet again Haddock! IN ANOTHER TIME, IN ANOTHER LIFE!
~ Red Rackham's breakdown and last words in the movie.

Red Rackham (French: Rackham le Rouge) is an pirate appearing only in the Tintin Album The Secret of the Unicorn and it's adaptions, only mentioned in Red Rackham's treasure. He was portrayed by Daniel Craig in the 2011 movie.


Rackham had engaged Sir Francis Haddock in battle, resulting in almost total destruction of Rackham's ship. As his ship was sinking, Rackham and his men boarded The Unicorn and managed to gain control of the vessel after killing the remaining crew of The Unicorn. Haddock was captured and tied to the ship's mast and the crew were cast overboard. Rackham intended to have Haddock tortured by his men the following day, but before he could, Sir Francis freed himself and plotted to sink the ship with the pirates still aboard. During this Rackham discovered he had escaped leading to the two engaging in single combat using cutlasses. Rackham was killed in the duel and Sir Francis managed to blow up the Unicorn and get away safely.

In the 2011 movie, Rackham survived the stab long enough before The Unicorn exploded the second time, but not before cursing Sir Francis family name. He is also Sakharine's ancestor in this version.

In the video game version of the movie, Red Rackham appeared as the final boss of the bonus level as a giant.


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