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The Red Python is a villainess from VR Troopers. She appears in the two part episode The Rise of the Red Python.

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Part 1 Edit

The Red Python is an evil VR Trooper created by Grimlord to combat the actual Troopers. A host is still needed. A suitable one was found in the form of Amy, a young woman who works at an animal shelter. The Skugs went after the Troopers and abducted Amy, who was put under Grimlord's control and given the Red Python's powers. Amy was later transformed into the Red Python and given a test run with her powers, and later was brought back to her human form, remembering nothing from the abduction. While practicing karate with Ryan and JB, Amy begins to feel the effects of the transformation and goes to the restroom, where she morphs into the evil Red Python. She made quite an impact against the Troopers, nearly killing Kaitlin in battle.

Part 2 Edit

It was revealed that the Red Python's powers were highly unstable and that further battles could end up killing Amy. Amy once again transformed into the Red Python and fought against JB, who was seeking revenge for what happened to Kaitlin, but during the battle, the powers gave up completely, putting Amy's life in jeopardy. The Troopers did manage to save Amy, who was grateful to the trio, while not knowing that they were, in fact, her friends, Ryan, Kaitlin, and JB.

Trivia Edit

  • Amy was played by Wendee Lee, who also provided the voice of the Red Python. She's best known for voicing Scorpina in several episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Amy's situation has drawn comparisons to that of Tommy Oliver. Both were put under evil spells, both became evil counterparts of the main heroes, and both were saved by the heroes. The only difference is that Tommy kept his powers and became a hero himself, while Amy went back to a normal life after the Red Python powers were extinguished.