The Red Ninja is a villain from the stop motion show Action League Now! He appears in the episode Flippers of Fury.



Red Ninja and Stinky Diver were rivals in high school. Stinky managed to defeat Red during a sparring match. Red, being a sore loser, threw a shuriken at Stinky but missed him. He hit the instructor instead and was sent to detention. The Red Ninja swore vengeance against Stinky Diver.


Many years later, the Red Ninja returned and vandalized the Action League's headquarters. He used one of his personalized shurikens as a symbol of his return. In order to defeat his nemesis, Stinky Diver trained with his sensei from high school. The training was difficult and very painful for Stinky. He still managed to confront Red Ninja.


Both of the warriors met in a village. Unfortunately for Stinky Diver, he was unable to fight due to his painful training. He was beaten relentlessly by the Red Ninja. Before Stinky could be killed, he used his harpoon gun to shoot Red towards a large vacuum cleaner. The ninja then died after he was sucked into the vacuum.