Red Lynx was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series SWAT Kats.

Red Lynx was the ghost of a Mega War II flying ace who piloted a red biplane (in a similiar manner to the Red Baron, who inspired the character). T-Bone claims he learned a lot about dogfighting from studying the Red Lynx's maneuvers. The Red Lynx stole a prototype plane from the Enforcers and tried to kill Mayor Manx, who was the descendant of his greatest opponent, the Blue Manx, but in the end, the SWAT Kats, along with Mayor Manx, managed to defeat him by destroying his plane. Prior to his defeat his skill in flying was so great that even in his old museum biplane he was able to cause serious damage to the Turbokat (a very advanced piece of technology).

He appears in the background of the last level of the Super Nintendo game, shooting at the platform the player is on.