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The military biotech company Red Leaf is the main antagonist, Mastermind and Bigger Bad in the 2011 Australian drama film The Hunter.

Mercenary Martin David (Willem Dafoe) is hired by military biotech company Red Leaf to go to Tasmania and gather samples of the Tasmanian tiger, the company wants him to take a hunter (Rival Hunter) working for Red Leaf with him, but he refuses.

Posing as a university biologist, Martin lodges in the home of the Armstrong family: Lucy and her two young children Katie and Jamie. Lucy is perpetually benumbed from prescribed medication, taken after the disappearance of her environmentalist husband, Jarrah Armstrong. Speculation surrounds Jarrah's disappearance, particularly with regards to a longstanding conflict between the local loggers who are in desperate need of jobs, and the 'greenies', a group of environmentalists who have set up road blocks to the forest to prevent its deforestation. Martin goes into the bush for twelve days at a time, setting up various steel traps and makeshift snares, while waiting patiently to see if a tiger will surface. During his short stays at the Armstrong's to resupply, Martin slowly befriends the children, and discovers that Lucy's medication is delivered to her by Jack Mindy (Sam Neill), who has been unofficially looking in on the family.

After returning from one of his hunting travels to the mountains to the Armstrong house, Lucy informs Martin that Red Leaf had initially contracted his disappeared husband Jarrah to locate the tiger, a pursuit he eventually abandoned in favor of taking up an environmental cause to protect wildlife and that Red Leaf wanted Jarrah to find the tiger because they believed that it had a paralyzing venom in its bite, Martin finds Jarrah's remaining bones and discovers he was shot in the head.

Jack Mindy informs Red Leaf that Martin is taking the same steps as Jarrah, one day while hiking to check his traps, Martin is ambushed by the Red Leaf operative that they wanted Martin to take with him (Rival Hunterand now he was sent to replace him, after Martin kills the Rival Hunter and returns to the Armostrong house, he finds out that the Rival Hunter (Red Leaf) has burn the house down.

Confronting Mindy, he learns that Lucy and Katie had perished in the fire that was apparently by accident, but Jamie survived and was taken by the authorities. Martin sets out into the bush once more to find the Tasmanian tiger and put an end to Red Leaf's pursuit. He finally finds the creature and reluctantly shoots it, then proceeds to cremate it in order to remove all traces of its existence.

Martin returns to town and calls Red Leaf, informing them that what they are looking for is "gone forever".