Red Jack
is a villain who first appeared in Doom Patrol Vol.2 22.

Red Jack claims to have been God, and that he was banished to a pocket dimension, the House That Jack Built, for the sin of sullying nothingness with matter. He also claims to have been Jack the Ripper. Whatever the truth, every hundred years his House comes into contact with Earth.

In order to sustain his powers Red Jack needs to absorb the pain of others; to this end he keep millions of butterflies pinned in agony.

Red Jack has vast superhuman strength and endurance.

Red Jack has a high degree of invulnerability to physical and energy attacks.

Red Jack is able to project powerful blasts of heat from his eyes.

Red Jack does not appear to age.

Red Jack is able to completely manipulate the substance of his own dimension, creating earthquakes and other phenomena in the House simply by snapping his fingers.

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