Red Hood-0

Red Hood was the man behind all of Black Mask and the False Face Society's moves in the Batman Adventures comics. The Red Hood made sure that his right hand man Black Mask carried out everything that went according to plan in order to make profit.

Unfortunately, things didn't go so well for Black Mask because of the following things that occurred:

-Sports Master was trussed up for the Gotham City Police Department with his racketing operating ruined.

-Gorilla Boss was taken down by both Batman and Bat Girl when he attempted to hijack Wayne Tech trucks containing technology valuable to the company.

-Black Spider and all the profits that the False Face Society made from their smuggling operations ended up at the bottom of Gotham Harbor.

-Bronze Tiger failed in trying to kill Princess Audrey who was coming from Kanasia to Gotham City for a visit.

-Dead Shot was captured for trying to steal photos from private investigator Harvey Bullock that proved Bruce's fiance Julie Madison was fraternizing with the Penguin before he became the new mayor of Gotham City.

-Firefly was arrested for doing several arsons such as burning down Boxy Bennett's night club.

-The Red Hood blew up the False Face Society Headquarters when he couldn't condone any more failures. Black Mask, Eel O' Brien, and Matches Malone were barely able to escape. Black Mask tried to destroy Bruce Wayne by attacking him at his company, however Eel O'Brien refused since he never wanted to hurt anybody and Matches Malone blew his cover so he could save Eel. Black Mask attacked Wayne Enterprises demanding that Bruce Wayne appeared. Batman then showed up and left Sionis handcuffed to a pipe without his mask on.

As a result of all this, Red Hood made the Phantasm the new leader of the criminal organization and vowed to resurface soon.

Interesting Facts

-The Red Hood appeared at the end of Batman Adventures vol. 2, #8. It was meant to be a subplot to be resolved later, but the cancellation of the ongoing series prevented that from happening. Red Hood's background would tie into plots concerning Lucius Fox, the Valestra Crime Family from Batman: Mask of The Phantasm, and the Powers Family (including a younger version of the Batman Beyond villain Derek Powers)

-The comic book writers confirmed that this version of the Red Hood is not Jason Todd, however he has a deep dislike of the Joker for some reason.

-Many fans speculated that the Red Hood might be Carl Beaumount (Andrea's father from Batman: Mask of The Phantasm who was actually alive and wants to seek revenge on the Joker for murdering him and ruining his life as well as all the other crime bosses in Gotham City) or a younger version of the Batman Beyond character Derek Powers.