The Red Falcon is a mysterious organization that acts as the main antagonist in the Contra series. It was created by an alien entity known as Java. Java fell into earth inside a meteorite and started to use brainwashed humans to do his bidding.


The Red Falcon fortified the Galuga Archipelago near New Zealand, using the place as their main base of operations, gathering forces and staging the Alien Wars, which would result in the destruction of most of the planet and the death of countless people. The Red Falcon is composed not only of well-armed and brainwashed humans, but also of various alien abominations.

The organization's goal is to annihilate the human race, making way for the aliens to claim Earth as it's own and repopulate the planet with his alien brethren.

Or so we thought...

Their Mission

As revealed in Contra: Shattered Soldier, the main reason Red Falcon targeted Earth is because the Triumvirate, Earth's government in the series, stole their relic which was kept hidden in Jupiter prior to the events of the series. Red Falcon was Relic's defensive program: Should Relic be stolen from its resting place, Red Falcon is to activate and retrieve the Relic no matter what.

In first Contra Red Falcon attempted to reclaim Relic through stealthy infiltration by sending an alien detachment. But due to the action of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, Red Falcon did not succeed. Then in Super Contra Red Falcon once again attempted to reclaim Relic through stealthy infiltration by sending another alien detachment. But Red Falcon again failed. Seeing its attempt to reclaim Relic by infiltration failing second time, Red Falcon waged an all-out war against Earth and its people (Contra III). Unfortunately for Red Falcon, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean managed to not only defeat Red Falcon, but the two men annihilated Red Falcon. After the destruction, the cells of alien warriors of Red Falcon now belonged to Earth's world governments. The Triumvirate attempted to cover up their dirty little secret by hailing Lance Bean and Bill Rizer as saviors of Earth. However, Lance Bean coincidentally stumbled upon Triumvirate's secret regarding the Relic. Triumvirate attempted to hide their secret by assassinating Lance Bean and placing the blame on Bill Rizer.

But Lance Bean did not die: he was revived when his body was merged with alien cells. After his resurrection, Lance created a successful organization: Blood Falcon.

Bill Rizer along with his new partner Lucia would later destroy the Triumvirate and the Relic of Moirai, finally putting an end to the cursed fate between Bill Rizer and Red Falcon for good.

Lasting Legacy

Even though Red Falcon as an organization has long ceased to exist, its life did not: in Neo Contra which takes place in 4444 A.D. some hefty centuries after events of Shattered Soldier occurred, Neo Contra faction possesses cells and genes of the aliens belonged to Red Falcon and makes their nostalgic appearances. But this time, they are not the central plot of the Neo Contras plot line.

Videogames in Appearances

  • Contra (1987)
  • Super Contra (1988)
  • Operation C (1991)
  • Contra 3 : The Alien Wars (1992)
  • Contra 4 (2007)