The Red Dragon is an sea dragon-like monster that appears as a boss in the video game, Tank! Tank! Tank!. It has three heads and a spiky tail.


The Red Dragon, like normal dragons, can spew fire from each mouth, can shoot missles also from each mouth, and can grab a tank by the mouth in an attempt to devour it, unless the tank escapes immediately.

Role in the video game

The Red Dragon first appeared in the second level, "Three-Headed Dragon" where it rose from the sea and started to terrorize the city, and the tanks were sent to stop the three-headed dragon. The Red Dragon succeded in destroying many buildings, and puts up a good fight against the heroric tanks. After taken many hits, the Red Dragon was defeated.

The Red Dragon returned along with several Bee-bots in the level, "True Power". After the Bee-bots were destroyed, the Red Dragon returned for revenge to fight the tanks once more, After a long and grueling battle, the Red Dragon was defeated once again.

The Red Dragon returned for a final showdown in the level, "Double Dragon" along with the Black Dragon. The Red Dragon was destroyed for good before the Black Dragon appeared.