The Red Baron (full name Baron von Richthofen) was a villain in the Blackadder Goes Forth episode Private Plane. He was played by Adrian Edmonson who has also played Vyvyan Basterd, Eddie Hitler and Zyke.


The Red Baron was the finest pilot in the German airforce during the First World War. His job was to eliminate the British army and his major rival was Lord Flashheart.

In 1917, Captain Blackadder of the British army signed up for the Flying Corps to get out of the trenches, despite the Flying Corps having an even worse survival rate than the soldiers in the trench. While flying his plane with his sidekick Private Baldrick, Blackadder's plane was shot down by the Red Baron whom imprisoned Blackadder and Baldrick.

Later, the Red Baron comfronted Blackadder and proceeded to kiss him. The Red Baron told Blackadder that he intended to humiliate him by making him teach Home Economics to the girls Convent School. This suited Blackadder as he would have done anything to avoid his service. However, Blackadder was rescued by Lord Flashheart.

Upon meeting Flashheart, the Red Baron compares the nobility and majesty of their calling. Flashheart responded by shooting the Red Baron dead and calling him "a poof".