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Even if I made mincemeat out of your arms and legs, you'd still try to bite my head off!
~ Red Arcueid

Red Arcueid is a playable character and alternate version of Arcueid Brunestud from Melty Blood, a fighting game series based on Tsukihime. Created by Night of Wallachia, this hypothetical Arcueid has ceased restraining her blood lust and has succumbed entirely. As such, she is sadistic and bloodthirsty, presumably possessing several times more power than Arcueid because she is no longer able to suppress herself. Of course, she only has 1/3 of the real Arcueid's power due to the fact that she would be too powerful for him to control at full power, and not to mention she actually thinks the real Arcueid is a lot worse than she herself is. In addition, she only appears in the Melty Blood series and is merely an illusion made by TATARI.

Her appearance is notably different from Arcueid, sporting large fangs, a slightly inhuman shape, long claws and red eyes as opposed to Arcueid's normal golden eyes. This is similar to the depiction of Arcueid in Tsukihime Prologue from the time she tasted blood for the first time.

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